STEM Teacher’s Grant 2015

 STEM Teachers Grant
RSF has awarded a Teacher’s Grant to Ms. Coen and Mrs Bare of the Bath Elementary School.  The Grantwill help fund a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program at the Bath Elementary School. The Bath School STEM committee will be initiating a STEM learning model throughout the school.


Rather than STEM as an add-on class or a class for select students to participate, the School will integrate STEM -prepared modules ino the present core science classes.  The program will incorporate Science, Math, Reading, Writing and Art into the Science classes adding rigor and understanding to all subjects.


Statistics show that:
  • High school graduates who participated in STEM were 3 to 4 times more likely to study engineering than similar students who were not exposed to STEM.
  • Students who took three or more STEM classes while in High School were six times more likely to study a STEM subject and eight times more likely to study engineering
  • Students with STEM backgrounds were also more likely to persist through difficult STEM classes in their second year of college.
The Grant provides funding to join Project Lead the Way and gain the training needed to implement the program into the School.

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