2018 RSF Teacher’s Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 RSF Teacher’s Grants.

Richard Booth – Hillcrest Elementary – Third Grade

Mr Booth will be attending a Project Based Learning Conference with the award and will bring back the knowledge to implement in the classroom and share with other teachers.


Deidre Hichens and Lynn Dubsky – Hillcrest Elementary – Third Grade

Mrs Hichens and Mrs Dubsky will use the grant to provide Osmos for their classes to allow students to use iPads to control the electronic tool to enhance students’ learning through visual and spatial activities.


Jodi Hetman – Hillcrest Elementary – Second Grade

Mrs Hetman will use the grant to implement a flexible seating approach in her classroom to provide an approach to reading in a nonthreatening, engaging and effective way.  The seating will also provide an environment where students can choose how to be most successful.

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